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Vicki Murphy

Visual Arts: Mosaics
Home Franklin Columbus Ohio Work Phone: (614) 523-3907
Website: Victoria Art Studio, Inc.

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Vicki Murphy is a mosaic artist who works primarily in Ohio and New Orleans. She has trained extensively with master mosaic artist Laurel True of True Mosaics Studio for many years focusing on studio work and professional development in large scale public art. She worked with True on multiple projects in New Orleans including the Global Mosaic Project and Universal Garden’s Lotus Fantasy Bench, the Green Project, and the Edible Schoolyard murals. Vicki’s combined years as artist, educator and licensed social worker give her a unique perspective regarding the healing power of art and the beauty of creative expression.

Vicki leads students toward envisioning and designing of the final product as well as their own personal projects. From there, she facilitates the creation of vibrant mosaic artworks and permanent wall installations using low-fire tile, high-fire tile, sparkling mirror, colorful stained glass, translucent glass, and an array of eye-catching materials. She teaches students the safe and efficient methods of breaking ceramic tiles, cutting tesserae with hand precision tools, and adhering materials onto the proper substrates.

The award of this badge shows that the artist participated in a two-day workshop at the Center for Arts-Inspired Learning that focused on understanding arts integration, domains of youth development, behavior management, academic and fine arts standards, outcomes and indicators, and learning strategies and activities. The earner developed a program plan to apply these concepts in their work with students, earning a score of 75% or greater related to specific scoring criteria.

The award of this badge, “Behavior Management: A Guide to Creative Chaos,” is the third module in the Center for Arts-Inspired Learning’s (CAL) teaching artist professional development series that provides attendees an understanding of the ages and stages of all learners and adaptation skills for arts activities using the Universal Design for Learning. The earner has recognized physical, cognitive, social, and literacy development benchmarks specific to the different ages of students and has demonstrated an understanding of the students they will likely encounter to help determine ways to help manage their behaviors through the arts.

Grade Levels/Age Groups

  • PreK-Kindergarten
  • Grades 1-3
  • Grades 4-5
  • Grades 6-8
  • Grades 9-12
  • Young Adults
  • Adults
  • Older Adults

Facilities and Resources Required

  • Electrical outlets
  • Tables
  • Non-carpeted floors
  • Sink/Water
  • Ladders
  • Scaffolding
  • Buckets


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Images courtesy of the teaching artist.