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Pamela O’Loughlin

Multidisciplinary: Dance, Creative Writing, & Visual Arts
Home Franklin Columbus Ohio Work Phone: 614-296-2256

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Pamela O’Loughlin is a gifted creative, avid learner, and passionate teacher.

She is an innovative, thoughtful, and skilled educator; from budgeting supplies for activities to last-minute changes that tend to come up when dealing with multiple groups, classes, and organizations, Pamela handles any adverse situation seamlessly.

Pamela is passionate about brainstorming with teachers, students, and administrators. Believing that if she understands what needs to be taught, a creative activity can be developed. Grounded in her early efforts centered around social emotional work that pairs well with Ohio’s Social Emotional Learning Standards, she believes she can teach to any standard of which she has a clear understanding.

Pamela has expanded her teaching interests the past few years and has taught and developed curriculum for diversity, equity and inclusion, intergenerational groups, and has done work that supports her faith as a Christian. Her Camp Emoji classes and workshops address numerous Social Emotional Learning Standards, and she is currently developing the curriculum for teaching history (and especially local history). This curriculum will focus on student-led research, reading, and writing projects that correlate with Ohio’s Content Learning Standards across multiple subjects. Pamela sees this pairing well with Black History Month but contends that it can be implemented any time of the year.

Pamela adapts work to any age group and learning ability including students with physical and/or learning differences (i.e., persons diagnosed with autism, ADHD, etc.).

Grade Levels/Age Groups

  • PreK-Kindergarten
  • Grades 1-3
  • Grades 4-5
  • Grades 6-8
  • Grades 9-12
  • Young Adults
  • Older Adults

Facilities and Resources Required

  • Table(s)
  • Non-carpeted floors
  • Sink/Water


Available upon request