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Malik Carrington

Visual Arts: Painting & Mixed Media
Home Franklin Columbus Ohio Work Phone: (614) 352-9543

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I’m a mixed media artist with a passion to showcase feelings of togetherness and family. My parents, born and raised in the US Virgin Islands, instilled this foundational core value into my siblings and me early in our development and it’s stayed with me ever since. Growing up in Columbus, Ohio has encouraged my love for the arts in many ways through working with the community for the past 8 years. I like to hear the feedback, different perceptions, and interpretations of what my art pieces mean to those viewing them. I know for a fact that I have great people surrounding me that add value and enhance my gifts and abilities in order to add more “life” to my paintings and other art pieces. I take pride in helping the youth in the community, especially the visual artists among us at the programs I work at currently. Throughout the 8 years, I’ve worked in the community, I have created bonds with so many young people and have watched them come into their own. It’s fulfilling to see their progress over time in becoming visual artists and or their exposition into young adulthood and finding themselves. Overall, I love what I do and this is another new beginning of obtaining new relationships and bringing together all forms of community from all different backgrounds. I find it extremely essential to have an open mind and a helpful hand when teaching, or working with these programs because I know firsthand the impact it has on not just young people but our society in general.

Grade Levels/Age Groups

  • Grades 1-3
  • Grades 4-5
  • Grades 6-8
  • Grades 9-12
  • Young Adults
  • Adults
  • Older Adults

Facilities and Resources Required

  • Electrical outlets
  • Tables
  • Chairs
  • Sink/Water

Organizational Involvement


Available Monday through Friday “upon request” for date and times.