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Fourth-generation storyteller Lynette (Lyn) Ford is a teaching artist with the Ohio Alliance for Arts Education, a Thurber House mentor to young writers, a storytelling and story-writing coach, a Certified Laughter yoga teacher, and a great-grandma.

For more than 25 years, Lyn has provided stories for libraries and schools, keynote and closing presentations, workshops at universities, education and literacy conferences, and featured programs at some of the most prestigious storytelling conferences and festivals in the United States, Australia, and Ireland. Lyn’s work has now expanded to online videos and Zoom sessions for classroom presentations in grades PreK-5 and family night Zoom gatherings, with enrichment information to guide reflection and discussion before and after watching videos. Lyn calls these presentations “Lyn Ford’s Floating Head Storytelling.”

Lyn is the author of two story collections from her family’s heritage of tales. Both books, Affrilachian Tales: Folktales from the African-American Appalachian Tradition and Beyond the Briar Patch: Affrilachian Folktales, Food and Folklore, won the Anne Izard Storytellers’ Choice Award. Lyn’s other published works include: Hot Wind Boiling Rain: Scary Stories for Strong Hearts, a collection of fiction and a creative-writing resource for older students through adults; Boo-Tickle Tales: Not-So-Scary Stories for Ages 4-9, written with friend and fellow storyteller Sherry Norfolk; several educational collaborations with Sherry, including Storytelling Strategies for Reaching and Teaching Children with Special Needs and Supporting Diversity and Inclusion with Story: Authentic Folktales and Discussion Guides, scheduled for a 2020 publication date by ABC-CLIO. Lyn and Sherry’s most recent compilation of narratives from national and international storytellers is Speak Peace: Words of Wisdom, Work and Wonder, which was published for the 2020 International Day of Peace.

Lyn’s work is also in story anthologies and resources for educators, including: the award-winning The Storytelling Classroom: Applications Across the Curriculum and Literacy in the Storytelling Classroom (both from Libraries Unlimited); Sayin’ Somethin’: Stories from the National Association of Black Storytellers (National Association of Black Storytellers, Inc.); The August House Book of Scary Stories (August House) and its accompanying educators’ enrichment guide, and Storytelling and QAR Strategies (Libraries Unlimited).

Lyn’s awards include two National Storytelling Network’s Oracle Awards, the first for leadership and service, and the second the prestigious Circle of Excellence Award.

Lyn is the keeper of the centuries-old tradition of storytelling. As such, she is also a model for and nurturer of new voices, encouraging the basic skills of oral communication and connecting them to the development of literary formats, effective for social behaviors and family history. Lyn was drawn to sharing these skills by seeing their impact on her preschool students many years ago and discovering their need in contemporary life for story participants of all ages.

In an educational setting, she sees the role of a teaching artist as: being a model of creative approaches to engaging students; encouraging knowledge retention and critical and creative thinking for many styles of learning; offering ways to nurture self-monitoring and effective social skills in the classroom through aspects of her artistic presentations; and supporting the educator’s work and curricular design for academic and artistic standards of learning.

The award of this badge shows that the artist participated in a two-day workshop at the Center for Arts-Inspired Learning that focused on understanding arts integration, domains of youth development, behavior management, academic and fine arts standards, outcomes and indicators, and learning strategies and activities. The earner developed a program plan to apply these concepts in their work with students, earning a score of 75% or greater related to specific scoring criteria.

The award of this badge, “Behavior Management: A Guide to Creative Chaos,” is the third module in the Center for Arts-Inspired Learning’s (CAL) teaching artist professional development series that provides attendees an understanding of the ages and stages of all learners and adaptation skills for arts activities using the Universal Design for Learning. The earner has recognized physical, cognitive, social, and literacy development benchmarks specific to the different ages of students and has demonstrated an understanding of the students they will likely encounter to help determine ways to help manage their behaviors through the arts.

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