Photo of Cynthia Amoah Cynthia Amoah Creative Writing: Poetry & Spoken Word (614) 202-1624
Photo of BalletMet BalletMet Dance/Movement 614-586-8629
Photo of Miriam Baranov Miriam Baranov Visual Arts: Drawing, Painting, & Portraiture (740) 972-5106
Photo of Ginny Baughman Ginny Baughman Visual Arts: Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Chalk, Ukrainian Egg Decorating, Scenic Painting, & Fiber
Photo of Michelle Boerio Michelle Boerio Visual Arts: Drawing, Painting, Collage, Printmaking, & Bookbinding (614) 354-1882
Photo of Alan Bomar Jones Alan Bomar Jones Drama/Theatre, Film/Video/Media (937) 520-8492
Photo of Terry Boyarsky Terry Boyarsky Music, Dance/Movement
Photo of Mimi Brodsky Chenfeld Mimi Brodsky Chenfeld Integrated Arts Experiences (614) 314-3126
Photo of Richard Duarte Brown Richard Duarte Brown Visual Arts: Design, & Creative Writing
Photo of Joanie Calem Joanie Calem Interactive Music & Storytelling (614) 208-6731
Photo of Sara Caplinger Sara Caplinger Visual Arts: Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, & Printmaking (330) 244-6283
Photo of Malik Carrington Malik Carrington Visual Arts: Painting & Mixed Media (614) 352-9543
Photo of Padma Chebrolu Padma Chebrolu Indian Dance/Movement (513) 227-9612
Photo of Diana Chittester Diana Chittester Music, Singing/Songwriting, & Guitar (814) 880-7175
Photo of Keri Chryst Keri Chryst Music: Jazz, Improvisation, & French Culture (773) 739-1155
Photo of Risa Cohen Risa Cohen Music & Dance/Movement (855) 266-7464
Photo of Kimberly Crislip Jarvis Kimberly Crislip Jarvis Dance/Movement (330) 309-7030
Photo of Griset Damas-Roche Griset Damas-Roche Dance/Movement, Flamenco (614) 327-6441
Photo of Sheela Das Sheela Das Music: Multi-Instrumentalist & Songwriting (216) 372-6268
Photo of Richelle Denes Richelle Denes Visual & Traditional Arts: Printmaking, Illustration, & Ceramics (614) 787-5856
Photo of Amy Dennison Amy Dennison Music, Wind Instruments, Instrument Making, & Active Music Making (preschool – seniors) (513) 478-5746
Photo of Jerzy Drozd Jerzy Drozd Visual Arts, Comics & Graphic Novels (213) 537-9974
Photo of Sarah Dugger Sarah Dugger Visual Arts: Design, Surface Design, Silkscreen, Painting, & Murals (330) 401-9629
Photo of ESQYRE ESQYRE Music, String Quartet, Classical Music, & Orchestral Performance (330) 347-3029
Photo of Tom Evert Tom Evert Dance/Movement (301) 529-7684
Photo of Lynette Ford Lynette Ford Storytelling & Spoken Word (614) 581-3326
Photo of Jennifer Hambrick Jennifer Hambrick Poetry
Photo of Heidi Heacock Heidi Heacock (419) 560-2019
Photo of Ann Heckler Ann Heckler Dance/Movement, Ballet, Yoga & Meditation, & Adaptive Dance 419-539-4330
Photo of Jessica Held Jessica Held Visual Arts: Painting & Photography
Photo of Yasufumi Ishida Yasufumi Ishida Multidiscipline: Storytelling, Japanese Traditional Theatre, Origami, & Kamishibai (808) 777-9193
Photo of Nancy Kangas Nancy Kangas Poetry (614) 506-9131
Photo of Douglas Laubacher Douglas Laubacher Visual Arts, Comics & Cartooning (234) 521-4321
Photo of Sara Lawrence-Sucato Sara Lawrence-Sucato Dance/Movement (216) 432-0306
Photo of Sierra Leone Sierra Leone Entrepreneur, Poet, Wholistic Urban Creative Arts, & Theatre
Photo of Ami Majmudar Ami Majmudar Dance/Movement: Classical Indian Dance, Creative Writing, & Storytelling (216) 647-1523
Photo of Eric Marlow Eric Marlow Visual Arts, Painting, Sculpture, Jewelry, & Recyclable Materials (614) 432-0659
Photo of Candace Mazur-Darman Candace Mazur-Darman Drama/Theatre (614) 975-0134
Photo of Andrea Belser McCormick Andrea Belser McCormick Musical Theater, Dance/Movement, & Acting (216) 374-8674
Photo of Jim McCutcheon Jim McCutcheon Music: Guitar (937) 287-7755
Photo of Ray McNiece Ray McNiece Drama/Theatre: Performance Poetry & Storytelling (440) 918-0878
Photo of Zak Morgan Zak Morgan Music & Creative Writing (513) 470-8652
Photo of Vicki Murphy Vicki Murphy Visual Arts: Mosaics (614) 523-3907
Photo of Pamela O’Loughlin Pamela O’Loughlin Multidisciplinary: Dance, Creative Writing, & Visual Arts 614-296-2256
Photo of Suzanne Ondrus Suzanne Ondrus Creative Writing: Poetry (440) 561-7772
Photo of Meghan Patijarevich Meghan Patijarevich Dance/Movement: Ballet, Modern, & Jazz (614) 886-8293
Photo of Hyacinth Paul Hyacinth Paul Visual Arts, Mixed Media & Fiber (937) 829-4652
Photo of Mary Rekers Mary Rekers Music: Multi-disciplinary Music & Movement (513) 259-4459
Photo of Brianna Rhodes Brianna Rhodes Dance/Movement, Visual Poetry, Modern, West African, Afrobeats, & Hip Hop (937) 344-7771
Photo of Marlene Robbins Marlene Robbins Dance/Movement: Creative Movement & International Folk Dance (614) 306-7546
Photo of Rikki Santer Rikki Santer Creative Writing: Poetry, & Film Studies (614) 329-6955
Photo of Mansee Singhi Mansee Singhi Indian Dance/Movement
Photo of Klaire Smith Klaire Smith Visual Arts: Printmaking
Photo of Marquette Stankowski Marquette Stankowski Drama/Theatre: Theater Arts and Public Speaking (614) 419-6309
Photo of Stephanie Stewart Stephanie Stewart Visual Arts: Acrylic, Mixed Media Collage, & Bookmaking (234) 525-9776
Photo of DeAndra Stone DeAndra Stone Dance/Movement, Modern, Ballet, Contemporary, Liturgical, & Creative Movement (216) 816-7391
Photo of DaShika Street DaShika Street Visual Arts, Painting, Sewing, Candle Making, Murals, & Digital Art (234) 738-1209
Photo of In Harmony Therapeutic Services In Harmony Therapeutic Services Music & Music Therapy (330) 501-1393
Photo of Demetrius Thomas Demetrius Thomas Music, Rap & Hip-Hop (216) 374-1044
Photo of Shannon Timura Shannon Timura Visual Arts: Sculpture, Collage, Fiber Arts, & Kinetic Art (330) 241-0860
Photo of Christina Turner Christina Turner Music & Drama/Theatre, Musical Theatre, Singing, & Acting (614) 971-8841
Photo of Carol Tyler Carol Tyler Visual Arts, Comics & Graphic Novels (513) 704-8442
Photo of Errin Weaver/Mojuba! Dance Collective Errin Weaver/Mojuba! Dance Collective Dance/Movement/Wellness & Healing Arts (216) 659-8937
Photo of Kerri Wilde Kerri Wilde Dance/Movement (419) 966-9745
Photo of Tiffany Wilson Tiffany Wilson Film/Video/Media: Video Production & Photography
Photo of George Woideck George Woideck Visual Arts, Ceramic Tile & Glass Tile Mosaics (216) 225-0368