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Drama/Theatre, Spoken Word, & Storytelling
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Karol Brown was born and raised in Dayton, Ohio. She lived in the Seattle area for over 28 years before returning to Dayton in 2015. She has a Bachelor of Science in nutrition from the University of Dayton and a masters in public health education from Loma Linda University. Karol retired after 30 years with the Veteran’s Affairs Medical Center as a dietitian and health education program manager.

Karol earned a teaching artist certificate from the Washington State Teaching Artist Training Lab. For over 20 years, Karol has shared her passion for Harriet Tubman by portraying her as a wise, cheerful, 92-year-old woman. The elderly Harriet Tubman shares her life during and after slavery. Karol’s goal is to inspire people by sharing stories of a woman that had little but gave much to society through love and service to others.

Karol’s business, Brown Tones Productions, LLC, entertains, educates, and empowers the development of young servant leaders. Karol presents Harriet Tubman to empower others to serve and leave their legacy of love.

Karol is a member of the Robert Greenleaf Servant Leadership Foundation and believes Harriet Tubman to be a model for teaching servant-leadership and Social Emotional Learning. Karol holds that Harriet Tubman was motivated by love, compassion, strong relationships, responsibility for others, and wise decision-making. Karol’s knowledge of Harriet Tubman’s many roles as human rights advocate, speaker, veteran, nurse, businesswoman, and caregiver inspires unique partnerships.

Karol’s programs promote equality, inclusion, and diversity in leadership through interactive, customizable offerings, including:

  • Storytelling:
    • “A Visit with Harriet Tubman”
  • Workshops:
    • Harriet Tubman Empowering Leadership Potential (HELP)
    • Harriet Tubman 3lc (Ladies, Love, and Leadership Coach)
  • Movie:
    • “Harriet Tubman Love in Action”
  • Books:
    • 30 Lessons in Love, Leadership, and Legacy from Harriet Tubman

Grade Levels/Age Groups

  • Grades 4-5
  • Grades 6-8
  • Grades 9-12
  • Young Adults
  • Adults
  • Older Adults

Facilities and Resources Required

  • Table(s)
  • Performance Space
  • Chairs
  • Art Supplies
  • Space for students to work in pairs or small groups

Organizational Involvement


Upon request