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Errin Weaver is a choreographer, instructor, and the executive artistic director of Errin Ministries based in Cleveland, OH. Errin Ministres (EM) is a community-centered dance intervention that uses cultural and sacred dance forms to help reduce suffering by using dance as an agent to help solve, educate, and heal. EM houses two companies: Mojuba! Dance Collective, which seeks to celebrate the cultural and spiritual dance traditions of people of the African Diaspora, and How Excellent! Dance Ministry, which offers praise dance presentations and workshops to inspire the highest level of excellence in praise and worship.

Together, these groups strive to promote cultural awareness, physical health, and spiritual wellness through dance, legitimizing it as a therapeutic outlet. She has presented at churches and events throughout Northeast Ohio, the Alumni of Color Conference at Harvard University, in Kingston, Jamaica, and in her evening length work and original production, “How I Got Over: a Cultural Journey of Faith.” This production unites dance ministers, community dancers, and professionals in the telling of the tumultuous history of African Americans and the role faith has played in this story of resilience.

Weaver began her dance training in African dance as a company member of Dance Afrika Dance of Cleveland, OH. She attended Tennessee State University, where she danced on a university performing arts scholarship. Upon graduation, she relocated to Chicago where she danced with the renowned Muntu Dance Theatre, under the direction of Amaniyea Payne, and performed the works of such notable choreographers as Abdel Salaam, Jeffrey Page, Monique Haley, Ronald K. Brown, and the late Pearl Primus. She has danced with Ko Thi Dance, Anointed Dance Ministries, and at numerous events, festivals, and theatrical productions. She has had the pleasure of working with such prominent master teachers as Terence Greene, Michael Metcalf, Babacar N’Diaye, and the late Baba Chuck Davis.

She is certified at the M’Singha Wuti level for the Umfundalai Contemporary African Dance technique and has taught at workshops and conferences nationally, including the Ohio Black Dance Festival, the International Association of Blacks in Dance Conference, and Dancing Our Africa. Her signature Raise Your Praise workshops have been presented and well received throughout Cleveland and Chicago.

She has created works for Signature Dance Company, Mojuba! Dance Collective, How Excellent! Dance Ministry, and for the Cleveland Dance Project. Recently, she was selected to present one of her original pieces for the Cleveland Dance Festival.

Weaver holds an advanced degree where her interest has grown to help change the health narrative of African American women by developing programs and experiences that use movement to support, edify, and empower toward healing.

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